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We are dedicated to the long term success of Moonstorm. With our skilled blockchain developers and a top team of marketing experts, we intend to take Moonstorm to the moon.

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Fair Token Mechanics

Moonstorm is a token that works for you in a transparent and efficient way. Moonstorm is designed with 3 key token mechanics to ensure stability and strength.

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Roadmap to the moon

We know where we are going, and we know how to get there. Don't miss out on our journey to the moon, check out our roadmap.

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Welcome to Moonstorm

Moonstorm is a secure protocol that provides token holders with a passive yield return, sent directly to their wallets without the need of farming and suffering of impermanent loss. Moonstorm is also an automatic liquidity pool generator that continuously adds liquidity to the liquidity pool, therefore increasing the pricing floor of the token which simultaneously positively impacts the price of the token.


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Token Mechanics


Total Tax

Moonstorm has 50% less tax than most other coins thanks to our smart contract


Holders Fee

These funds are redistributed to all Moonstorm holders


Liquidity Pool

The funds in the liquidity pool provide strength and insurance to Moonstorm



Funds used for promoting and spreading the word of Moonstorm

The secure 3 part token mechanics ensures that Moonstorm stays strong and stable, whilst rewarding our loyal holders with free tokens and skilled marketing.


Moonstorm strongly believes in marketing and has hence designed the entire offering to include marketing from the get-go. We at Moonstorm have thought well ahead to include a marketing budget to fund ongoing marketing initiatives that is built into the token economics.


Project Startup

✅ Contract deployment
✅ Website V1 launched
✅ Pre-sale DxSale
✅ Listing Moonstorm on PancakeSwap
✅ PancakeSwap Liquidity locked
✅ Techrate audit complete
✅ 🔁 Data feed + logo BSC


✅ 🔁 Intensive social media growth
✅ 🔁 Instagram promotions
✅ 🔁 Twitter promotions
✅ 🔁 Reddit promotions
✅ 🔁 Moonstorm large giveaways
✅ 🔁 Influencers campaigns
🔜 Poocoin ads
🔜 Publicized large screen billboard ads

Exchanges Listing

✅ 🔁 Coinhunt apply/listing
✅ 🔁 Delta.canny apply/listing
✅ 🔁 Blockfolio apply/listing
✅ 🔁 Livecoinwatch apply/listing
✅ 🔁 Coinmarketcap apply/listing
✅ 🔁 CoinGecko apply/listing
✅ 🔁 Coinpaprika apply/listing
🔜 CEX listing Pro-bit apply/listing
🔜 CEX listing White-bit apply/listing


✅ 🔁 Token Kennel Farming Partnership
✅ 🔁 A value-add Partnership to be announced imminently
🔜 Further value-add Partnerships

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